A Silly Little Overdue Confession

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Oh my.. I hate this! I hate this condition!

Well one.. eh I mean two of my pals have made me really fed up with theirselves! They know that I'm really moody but they didn't understand it! Or maybe they just pretended that they didn't know if i had a REALLY BAD MOOD yesterday. I just kept silent and didn't talk much with them when the school's over. I stayed in class, kept silent, let them talk about many funny things without ask me to come and join in, I walk alone to my course and preceded them...

It was so fuck, man! Well actually it's.. I mean something like this often happened in our friendship. But in this case they've made me really mad! They pretended that they didn't know what happened with me yesterday or today or maybe tomorrow or next year.. aaah, I HATE!

They never tried to ask me whether I have a problem or what or maybe just say: "Are you getting mad with me?" or "Is there somethin wrong?" or "Did I make mistake to you?"

Yeah I totally didn't talk with them today. I just wanted to know whether they would open the conversation first or they just keep silent and ignore me?
And the second is the right answer. As I said to you, they NEVER tried to ask me when I'm in the bad-mood. Is it called the good friends? The bestfriends?
Shit. Like I care? I don't care and I don't wanna care and I.. AM GETTING REALLY MAD NOW!!
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